dani, 17. instagram: freckhle

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listen to your body, talk to plants, ignore people

gypsy soul


some people have sex in the kitchen

i eat in my bed

hii, omg you have such a perfect body. what do you normally eat per day? you look amazing and i love your blog and prob u
- Anonymous

Thank you!! I don’t watch what I eat at all idk, I guess it’s bc of summer bc I do stuff because in winter I just lay in bed whoop

Where are you from? Like what country? Also, when do you go back to school?
- Anonymous

I’m German but usually I live in Spain :) school starts mid September, I’m not exactly sure what day :/



a bicycle is the acoustic version of a motorcycle 

what the fuck is everyone on this site taking

what are you planning to wear on the first day back to school? bc i'm seriously blank lol
- Anonymous

Probably my boyfriend jeans with a white shirt and black Chelsea boots plus some cute choker or something :)

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