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so I told my mom I was going one place for longer than I'll actually be there because before I go there, I'm going to my boyfriend's house and then getting dropped of where I'm suppose to be and idk like I've lied to her before but this is just sitting on my conscience rn and it hasn't even happened
- Anonymous

hm if you’re feeling bad about it you should tell her you lied and that you’re sorry? what’s so wrong about going to your bf’s house?

My friends are coming over at my house tonight, my crush which currently isnt talking to me(i have no idea why) is also coming. Should I talk to him, ask what's going on or he should be the one coming to me since im the one who invited him(i did the first step).
- Anonymous

Hm I think when he like walks in you could just be like hi how are you? and then see how he responds :)

Like was drunk at a party and this guy made me have sex with him and I wasn't assertive enough to say no bc drunk and stuff and I feel so used and sad ughh should I just try forget about it or accept it which means thinking about it and then move on? Sorry just needed to vent too I guess
- Anonymous

aww no!! that is considered rape since you didn’t agree to do anything with him and you should definitely tell your parents/another person of authority, plus if you feel that way it’s completely normal and okay and maybe you should get professional help bc even if you think I’m exaggerating and that you’re not actually feeling that bad I think it definitely would help you and make you feel way better :) I’m so sorry this happened to you!!

- Anonymous


There's this kid and I've known him for four years. We've grown so much together without us realizing it much. We never talk about feelings, but recently I've seen how much he does care about me. I've definitely been feeling something towards him for a while now... What should I do?
- Anonymous

Idk just keep talking and doing stuff together and if it’s meant to be it’ll happen eventually, don’t rush things :)

So have you kissed your boyfriend yet? 😘😘😘
- Anonymous

Yes hehe

Hi this might be a stupid question but if i put a star or something at the caption of each post would i get more followers?
- Anonymous

If you self promote you’ll gain followers but also lose some bc it’s annoying

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