Please don't reblog weight loss stuff. I know you have a lot of followers and it can be very triggering to some of us. Besides, you are beautiful and have a great body, no need to lose weight. xx
- Anonymous

aw I’m sorry!!! I did it for a friend bc they get money when people click on the links but I’ll try not to reblog anything like that anymore :)


Johnny Deep through the years!

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Top 10 Supernatural gifs


Best Supernatural Gifs


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Shut down all haters with these hilarious reaction gifs! 

Dude, you're stunning, genuine and from what it sounds like, down to Earth and rather cultured. For me to reach out to people and make an effort to have any sort of relationship with them, they really have to spark my interest, which you totally do. In another world I think we might be good friends.
- the-incandescent-adolescent

oh wow thank you this really means a lot :)

do u sleep with ur socks on or not
- Anonymous

who sleeps with their socks on omg

would you rather be a mouse sized elephant or an elephant sized mouse?
- Anonymous

a mouse sized elephant omg do u know how CUTE that would be 

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